Evohome is amazing. With the ability to create multiple zones each with its own temperature schedule it's like having your own personal heating-obsessed butler running round the house checking the temperature in every room and making sure it's exactly where you want it. And if it isn't it opens or closes the radiator valve and turns on or off the boiler as needed.

But there is a drawback... once you've set up your schedules, and that may leave you scratching your head.

  • Just how often does that room go below 18'C anyway?
  • Does having the nursery at a steady 20'C mean the boiler is on all the time?
  • My old boiler used to be on for 4 hrs in the morning and 4 hrs in the evening. Is it on more or less now?
  • Is there one room in my house that's causing the boiler to go on more often than the others?

If these are questions you've pondered then Cresima Home is just for you.

How Does It Work

It's simple.

  • First, you create an account with Cresima Home
  • Then, you enter your Evohome account details. Don't worry - they're encrypted so they're safe
  • Then sit back and relax, as Cresima Home monitors what's going on with your Evohome system every few minutes
  • Finally, check back in to Cresima Home to see what's been going on


Cresima Home is in beta right now, which means that you can get involved for free.

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